Do your homework!

Most Osteopaths will be keen to give you some exercise “homework”, usually in the form of very simple exercises, stretches, hot & cold, simple lifestyle changes etc.

This homework is for your benefit not ours; however most of us openly admit not following 100% the prescription. The most common reason being lack of time.

We are all busy and nowadays can be distracted by so many different things. This is why I try to make your life “the gym” so you can add these changes into your daily life easier.

Whether your condition is acute or long term, the healing process needs to be managed. The Osteopathic treatment is part of your healing and the homework is an important part too; to maintain, support and build on the good done during the treatment session. Most people who follow the advice  make faster and stronger recoveries. 

All of us tend to forget exactly what was shown or discussed. Feel free to ask via text or phone as we keep notes on what was said and done and can easily recall them to help.

Finally, take credit for investing in yourself, but make the investment pay dividends by following the homework.