Sports Injuries? Let your Osteopath join the team.

I often see people with sports injuries.Osteopathy, in most cases, can help in the overall management.

Sports Injuries can be generally divided into either being acute (just happened) or more long-standing overuse injuries with each depending on the symptoms and how they feel to the patient.

Acute injuries can be a result of things such as trauma during sport or equipment related injuries. These can cause problems for muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. These injuries can include damage to bone, cartilage, joint, ligaments, muscle strains, bruises, cramps, tendon strains or nerve injuries.

Overuse injuries can result from such things as sudden increase in training, incorrect equipment use or pre-existing biomechanical compensations such as muscle imbalances or leg length discrepancies. These can cause problems similar to acute injuries but with added compensation patterns to adjust to the changes.

Osteopaths are trained to help identify these problems and join your team as part of your overall management plan to recover.

Next time you think you have a sports injury – contact your Osteopath for help.