What can Osteopathy do for you?

No waiting lists.

You can always see an Osteopath soon – same day or next day appointments are possible. You don’t need referral.  It’s no use having to wait weeks for treatment if you are in a lot of pain now.  People often make appointments while waiting for an NHS referral to come through, and then sometimes don’t even need it!

Appointment times that suit you.

Your Osteopath can be flexible about appointment times to fit in with your job / childcare / other commitments. Appointments can be changed (given reasonable notice) without any problem or without further delay.

Your Osteopath has time for you.

Appointments are 30-40 minutes long, so there is plenty of time to discuss everything relevant to your problem and how you can help yourself to avoid recurrences. We have time to explain to you the underlying reasons for your symptoms. and to agree with you what is the best way to treat it. There is time to talk about your lifestyle and how your job might be affecting your health, or how you can best balance your work, family and leisure to stay active and well.

See an Osteopath – You are worth it!