Keeping us all in “Check”

Osteopaths and Chiropractors are both state regulated by independent bodies that are responsible to Parliament.

General Osteopathic Council for us Osteopaths while the Chiropractors have the General Chiropractic Council. This means should you have any form of complaint about any aspect of our work (or how we present ourselves as professionals) you can contact the regulator and have your voice be heard with possible consequences for the clinician.

Generally most Osteopaths and Chiropractors work well within the professional  standards we all uphold. These standards are accepted when becoming registered and on yearly professional re-validation.

But sadly some let standards drop and rightly, the regulator takes action & investigates.

While it’s not usual for an Osteopath or a Chiropractor to be disciplined by their regulator, we have not had one so “close to home” for some time.

Today, 3rd Oct 2018, the Western Mail, BBC & Daily Telegraph, carried the story of local Chiropractor Ben Mathew of  Cardiff Bay Chiropractic who was  found guilty of  “unacceptable professional conduct”.

You can make you own mind up about Ben – but you can rest assured that we all are accountable to our regulator and if you are not happy with your clinician in any way then  speak up!

Having a regulator protects you and ensures we meet the standards set by a state body.  Rest assured we all strive to meet & act above standard.

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