I’m biased – but it’s good to get a treatment once in a while!

Patients often ask when should they come back after treatment. Most practitioners like to review with a patient after the initial appointment, so the majority of times we do suggest the follow up to review, examine and treat again. This is best practice as the follow-up appointment can inform if the Osteopathic intervention made the changes required for the body to start its healing process.

There are times where we may see a patient only once. This is usually because we have noticed the problem (read “cause”) early on and will advise the remedial action needed to correct the problem. This nudge in the right direction is empowering. Once you understand a problem, you can do something about it (or not ;-) ).

However, there are sometimes we just need a treatment. Nothing specifically wrong, “just an MOT” say some. I’m a great believer in this; we have an approach for such things and it works great, Regular treatment is preventative and is good for the body and the mind.

But how often is “Regular”? That has the same answer as “length of piece of string”. I may see people every month, after 12 weeks, 6 months or even yearly. As with all of Osteopathy, its individual to you, so really only you know (although I can suggest if you ask me).

But as I say I’m biased! So, come & get a Treatment – to paraphrase an well-known advert “you are worth it”.

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