Osteopathy is getting popular!

When I relocated to Barry in 2007, the choices for patients looking for “hands-on” diagnosis and therapy were limited unless you went to Cardiff or Bridgend. Today, I can search around the internet and find at least 5 Osteopaths listed in Barry & I am grateful for the “incomers” as it is a testament that Osteopathy & the way that we practice is valued and appreciated.

So, Thank you Barry for believing in & valuing Osteopathy.

Although we operate within private medicine, I know all of my colleagues would love to offer treatment on the NHS – sadly the Welsh NHS is behind England’s NHS in those opportunities. The Welsh NHS relies on Physiotherapy to offer a Musculoskeletal service. They do an excellent job but the sheer patient numbers and time available to our Physio colleagues outweighs any chance of “hand-on” work. I won’t lecture about the shortcomings of this approach only note it.

Two of those local Osteopaths trained locally at Swansea University and I am delighted they have decided to practice in Barry. The incomparable Cari at Coast Osteopathy on the Holton Road is a highly experienced, wordly-wise Osteopath along with the wonderful Lauren Blake who brings an exciting fusion of Chiropractic with her (from her time at a very busy Chiro practice in Warrington) and offers home visits and is busy setting up her practice around the town.

If you’re thinking of visiting an Osteopath & would like a female practitioner then you can’t go wrong with either of these two. Of course, I would also love you to consider yours truly, but no hard feelings either way. The winners are you and Osteopathy in Barry.

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