Life is movement

Our bodies is very good at adapting to what we do with them.  Do nothing with it; your body gets good at doing nothing! Put your body through a limited range of movement (like in the gym), your body gets good at doing nothing. Joints become restricted and muscles become shortened. The result – an stiff, immobile (fragile) body.

Life is movement, our bodies need movement to adapt to life’s challenges both physical and mental. If your body can’t move or you can’t efficiently deal with movement outside of your normal, you will at some point get injured.

Taking your body through a full range of movements each day is vital to maintaining good mobility. Do a bit but make it regular. Arm Swings, Leg swings, Sun Salutations – what ever gets you moving.

If your unsure what or how to do things that suits you then see your local Osteopath for advice tailored for you.